UK Newspaper Headlines

Here are the answers, with an expanded set of the top 10 most common headline words.

Paper A – Evening Standard


An easy one to begin with, it’s not too surprising that the name of the capital features regularly in a London paper.

Paper B – The Guardian


A tricky one this, but with Corbyn featuring here but nowhere else you might have guessed it was the left leaning Guardian. I excluded the Independent from the list of papers since it ceased to publish in print during the year. For the data I did have though the list was a near match to the Guardian.

Paper C – The Star


Shock, sex sells. As the only tabloid on the list you might have realised this was the Star.

Paper D – The Daily Mail


The word Migrant featured more than any other word on the front page headline of this paper. Yes, what else but the Daily Mail.

Paper E – The Scotsman


Not a difficult one. Andy Murray is the only individual, who isn’t a politician, to make the rankings and naturally it’s in the Scotsman.

Paper F – The Telegraph


Probably the hardest one here, nothing particularly distinctive about the Telegraph list.

Paper G – The Daily Express


And finally the Daily Express. Take a look at the scale. Yes, the word “EU” appeared in 121 headlines, that’s very nearly 40% of the total.

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  1. Ben says:

    “ever present physical presence”

    Very interesting Nick. I got the Mail and Express the wrong way around but apart from that was right.

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