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Python module for UK polling analysis

My previous post described a web-service for providing up-to-date UK political polling information.  I’ve created a Python client to make use of this to perform simple analysis. This allows you quickly do analysis such as polling a monthly average of … Continue reading

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Up-to-date UK political polling data

I’ve created a web-service that supplies an automatically updated history of UK political polling data.  Clicking on the link below will download an up-to-date Excel sheet containing the figures. UK Polling Data Excel Sheet Data sources The data comes from … Continue reading

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UK Newspaper Headlines

Can you identify these UK newspapers from the words that occur most frequently in their front page headlines? I took all the 2016 front page headlines for seven UK newspapers and performed a word count. The graphs below show the … Continue reading

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Who plumped for Trump?

As you may have heard, Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. Much of the press reaction has concerned the search for the Trump voter, who has variously been identified as being white, male, rural, poor and living … Continue reading

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Relative Age Effect – UK Athletics

Introduction In my previous post I examined the relative age effect in European football. The relative age effect describes how where your birthday falls in the year might affect your life chances.  People who grow up as the oldest in their … Continue reading

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